Lexar has been a popular brand when it comes to memory card. But due to some unforeseen scenarios even the finest memory card may have some issues, if you have been facing issues while formatting your Lexar memory card, this article will guide you with hassle-free solution to fix this formatting issue with your Lexar memory card. Being the world largest memory card manufacturing brand, Lexar card users can face not format issue with it.

After facing Lexar memory card not formatted issue, people want to know how to repair a Lexar memory card that cannot be formatted and overcome from such painful circumstances because due to this, all the files saved on the Lexar memory card become inaccessible which can be a big problem for the card users. So to recover files and repair a Lexar memory card that cannot be formatted, the people can take the help of an advanced program like Lexar Card Recovery and fix not formatted Lexar memory card issue easily. This hassle-free program is specially derived for recovering the files from not formatted Lexar memory cards without any other difficulty.            

Common Causes of Lexar Memory Card Not Formatted Issue:

Manual Methods to fix Lexar Cannot Be Formatted Error:

Method 1:Format the memory card in Windows Disk Management:

Just follow the below mentioned instructions step-by-step to format your memory card manually in Windows Disk Management:

After trying this method, if your problem is solved then it's well & good. If not, then try the second method which is explained below

Method 2:Run Diskpart to Clean and reformat the memory card that is not formatting

After trying the above two methods, still your problem is not solved, then try the next one

Method 3:Change the Drive Letter and Paths to Make The memory Card that Won't Format Detectable

Sometimes, we are unable to initiate the format process due to the memory card is not showing up at all. To resolve such kind of memory card won't format issues, we must first make it recognizable. To do this, here is the procedure

Method 4: Remove Write Protection from the memory card that is not formatting

We hope one of the above mentioned solutions have worked you to solve the problem. If not, and you want to recover your data from the memory card that is not formatting, then go for Lexar Card Recovery Software that effortlessly retrieves all your data from not formatting memory card.

Lexar Card Recovery Tool to Retrieve Files from Memory Card That is Not Formatting

If you have encountered any above mentioned scenarios, then all the files saved on the card become inaccessible and shows not formatted error. In order to get back these files from the corrupted Lexar memory card, you can utilize Lexar Card Recovery tool and repair such "not formatted issues" without facing any difficulty. You can also take the help of this recovery program to recover files from the formatted memory cards easily. To know more about it, check this link: https://www.lexarcardrecovery.com/formatted-sd-card.html    

Key Features of Lexar Card Recovery Application:

Steps to Recover Data from Lexar Memory Card That Cannot Be Formatted:

Step 1: Download and Install Lexar Card Recovery app on your computer drive and connect Lexar card to the system. Launch it and select "Recover Photos" from the main screen as shown in fig A.

How To Repair a Lexar Memory Card That Cannot Be Formatted - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose the Lexar memory card from the displayed list of drives and click on next to start the memory card scanning as shown in fig B.

Recover Files from Not Formatted Lexar Memory Card - Select Lexar SD Card

Fig B: Select Lexar Memory Card

Step 3: After completion of the card scanning process, you can take the Preview of retrieved files will be displayed as shown in fig C.

Repair a Lexar Memory Card That Cannot Be Formatted - Restored Files Preview

Fig C: Restored Files Preview

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users